on June 10, 2024 Removed all mods and FiveEMS Script will remain on this platform. 

How to install my mods in single player 

This is very easy you will use LML to load the 5M files into you

Even though Lenny's Mod Loader is early access software, it is already capable of supporting a wide range of mods including very complex installations such as Coastal Callouts. Despite this, most of the main features are already implemented including loading certain mods such as vehicles into your game at runtime!

  • Easy replacement of any game file
  • Ability to load new vehicles
  • Ability to load new peds (including components)
  • Ability to load new props
  • Ability to load new maps (limited to maps without a manifest currently, maps with manifests need to be placed in an RPF and loaded from there)
  • Ability to load RPFs directly (especially useful for file types not yet supported)
  • Ability to overwrite or add individual ambient ped and vehicle model set entries
  • Ability to enable and disable mods as well as manage their load order to extend already installed mods
  • Advanced features such as single entry replacement, e.g. only replacing the handling entry of one vehicle
  • Much more!

help video

How to Fix Broken Lights in 5M

  • This is a common issue  when you have  multiple non els car packs in stalled on your server, this is a siren ID no conflict where another vehicle pack is using a similar  ID number in the same sequence, to remedy this you have to generate  an random  number, to replace, some guess, some use random number generators; its trial and error unfortunately is the only way to fix this error. That  is trying all combinations of numbers until the lights  work as intended by the author. View the video below for help.

Troubleshooting FiveM Escrow Issues

  1. Common Errors Note that you need server version 4752 or above to run resources using this feature.
  2. Error parsing script / Failed to load script Your server artifacts are likely outdated. Update your server to version 4752 or above.
  3. "You lack the required entitlement to use" Try restarting your server and make sure your server license key is correct. If you bought the resource on the wrong account, you can transfer it to another account on keymaster.
  4. "Failed to verify protected resource" Files were possibly corrupted during transfer. Ensure hidden files are copied; the .fxap file in a protected resource must be included. Some FTP programs skip these files.
  5. On Zap you must put your server key in your zap settings for this script to work, some zap servers also need argentum to work, contact Fivem to clarify this.

Customer Support:

order inquires, refunds, install help, custom request, and edits

Support Forum:

Support tickets > 

Please be patient our support team is only three people we will get you as soon as possible

Getting Access to your files:

Once someone purchases my content, they will automatically receive an email with a download link. They can also download their package later from their own keymaster dashboard.


there is a tebex bug with delivering files to or de emails, these users have reported never getting there files if this is you open a support ticket for help


some Legacy links may require file approval access can vary from 8 to 12 hours we apologize for this.

You will receive a link once you make payment please request access to the files so you can receive them, include you tebex purchase id/order number for faster response.


create a support ticket on the discord if you need assistance or have any questions at

FiveEMS and our other mods no longer use license keys, they are now locked to your fivem keymaster account. your access to the files can be revoked for reasons in our Terms of Service

For other inquires message in discord at

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