FiveEMS Premium v2.0


Package Description

updated 3/30/2023

updated specifically for ESX compatibility download this version for ESX Servers ONLY. This version will only work for ESX Servers with the newest update of ESX earlier versions may have to revert to v1.9 of FiveEMS. open a supoprt ticket in to revert to earlier versions of FiveEMS. 

This is Version 2.0 of FiveEMS is  for ESX Servers ONLY follow install instructions for ESX Server installation

For FiveM Only/Will Not Work on SP

Running on over 100 servers

please read the read me and wiki on the github.

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Login to your Fivem keymaster account, you will see a new tab call assets, there you can download or transfer ownership to another user.

Troubleshooting FiveM Escrow Issues

  1. Common Errors Note that you need server version 4752 or above to run resources using this feature.
  2. Error parsing script / Failed to load script Your server artifacts are likely outdated. Update your server to version 4752 or above.
  3. "You lack the required entitlement to use" Try restarting your server and make sure your server license key is correct. If you bought the resource on the wrong account, you can transfer it to another account on keymaster.
  4. "Failed to verify protected resource" Files were possibly corrupted during transfer. Ensure hidden files are copied; the .fxap file in a protected resource must be included. Some FTP programs skip these files.
  5. On Zap you must put your server key in your zap settings for this script to work, some zap servers also need argentum to work, contact Fivem to clarify this.

Non ESX Servers should download Version 1.9 and follow the instructions for Non ESX Installation

Features of FiveEMS Premium

  • New F7 Menu +white list menu 
  • /deltent command
  • improve player sync
  • fix bug where menu opens while in vehicle.
  • Custom Stretchers
  • Spawn and Remove Tent props
  • can load A.I ped onto compatible stretchers
  • /treat for A.I. peds
  • Helicopter Support
  • no time warnings uses HTML ui menu
  • optimized script
  • ESX Integration 
  • Ped & Player Revive Command 
  • Designed to work with ambulancejob, allowing on duty members to access menus

Legacy Versions is Discontinued

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open a support ticket if you are having trouble with installation 

developers want to make your vehicle mod compatible go here have questions open a support ticket.

Once someone purchases content, they will automatically receive an email with a download link. They can also download their package later from their own keymaster dashboard.


Frequently Asked Questions

Navigate to keymaster and download your purchased assets will only work on server assigned to, 

I'm a developer and want to help ? join the discord team

All customers have agreed to the candimods terms of use and FiveM license agreement and you furthermore agree to abide by them.

for support and updates create a support ticket at we must verify your original purchase before you can get the updated links.

or you can email responses from the email take longer you can 

instant reply and chat support in the discord. 

What is this?

FiveEMS allows the player to place Ped or Player on any compatible stretcher and load them into a compatible vehicle for transport. Also has a EMS Whitelisted menu allowing the EMS professional to spawn multiple props and to switch between compatible stretchers. While in enroute to the hospital the player can go into cardiac arrest and the players can simulate CPR with Lucas Device [ only with equipped stretcher], start IVs and monitor patient on the cardiac monitor. There are more 4 compatible stretchers and compatible vehicles are in the works. It add realism’s to your roleplay. Included are props replacements that work with dpemotes to allow the player to carry medical bags and equipment to the scene of the medical emergency.